The Quest Courier

Land of Infinite Quests

After turning fifteen, Alister Crest was doomed to spend the rest of his life catching fish… until he received a Quest Assignment. Too clumsy to be a quester, Alister was sure his quest was a mistake. But as he would soon discover, Quest Assignments are never wrong.

Alister’s only choice is to quickly learn what it means to be a quester while struggling to survive against magical villains and strange creatures, or he might just wind up as fish bait.

The Quest Courier by Page Wisher is Book #1 in Land of Infinite Quests, an epic fantasy series for all ages!

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Trolls vs Llorts

Land of Infinite Quests

Penelope Tinsel had never wanted a Quest Assignment. In fact she thought questers were thrill-seeking troublemakers. She had always been an agent of peace in her village… And that’s precisely why the Trolls and Llorts need her to resolve their feud.

Of course, walking into troll territory is no picnic for Penelope, her twin brothers, the Quest Courier, and the Courier Steed. But if you’re a hungry troll, this group makes for a swell picnic!

Penelope will have to cook up a plan to satisfy the dispute between the Trolls and the Llorts before she ends up an appetizer, buttered and lightly fried to perfection.

Trolls vs Llorts by Page Wisher is Book #2 in Land of Infinite Quests, an epic fantasy series for all ages!


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